For #BlackHistoryMonth, we highlight the work of American novelist -- Bernice McFadden
For #BlackHistoryMonth, we highlight the work of American novelist -- Alyssa Cole

For #BlackHistoryMonth, we highlight the work of American novelist -- Britni Danielle

For Black History month, we wanted to shine our light on the tremendous work done by African-American and black women fiction authors.

Today, we take a look at American columnist and novelist  --Britni Danielle (Amazon). 


Ms. Danielle shares her sharp, interesting takes on celebrity, race, and culture for Essence, takepart, Ebony, and clutch. Her project, Brown Boy Genius, focuses in the way in which  race and culture affect family life and the raising of black and brown young men. She is a frequent guest of news shows on issues of race, culture, and celebrity as they relate to the day to day living of life in our culture.

Ms. Danielle has a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Southern California in 2002. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from CUNY in 2005. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Ms. Danielle is a passionate advocate for writers. She created a practical, hands on project called "The Write Pitch" where she teaches people how to get paid writing gigs in six weeks. She has also spoken about writing at the Watermark Conference, the largest women’s conference in California, Blogalicious, Blogging While Brown and Social Media Week, Johannesburg.

You can get a sense of her ability to communicate clearly about issues of race as it intersects in personal lives of people in this culture.

Ms. Danielle brings all of her wisdom and clarity to her bestselling romance fiction.  

Her series Bad Dates and other disasters are short, immensely relatable fiction. Her three part Total Distraction series follow the life of Tish Jacob as she navigates her modern life. Turn It Loose and Two Steps Back follow Jaylah Baldwin through life and love .

There's no question that we can expect more great things from Ms. Danielle.

Looking to start reading Ms. Danielle? We encourage you to click through some of the links and read her articles and columns. You will enjoy any of her romance fiction. They are all registered on KindleUnlimited. We encourage you to check out:

Turnitloose     TotalDistraction




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