Season 2 -- Episode 4 -- Beverly Jenkins about historic fiction, race, and storytelling
To what extent is your fiction autobiographical? We asked authors -- here's what they said:

What do you do when you have the writing blues? Here's what women authors said:

What do you do when you have the writing blues?

Last week, we asked female authors on social media:

"What do you do when you have the writing blues?" 

Here's what they had to say!

On Twitter at WomenandFiction:

Bethany Crandell @BethanyCrandall said, "Read some of my own work."


Tracey Shearer @TraceyLShearer said, "I get together with writing buddies (in person for the 'great energy'.) Helping them with their work always helps to get me back on the inspiration track." 


On Facebook at Women and Fiction


Amy Spitzfaden Both (website), author of The Fingerprinted Hearts said: "I like to read more lighthearted things, because normally the writing blues come from the regular blues, so I love me some chick lit to relax! Baths and candles are also perfect. For brainstorming I like to go to my mom and sisters, all of whom are also writers."

Bambi Harris (website) (Amazon) most recently the author of the Man in the Morgue (Coma Mysteries) said: "I don't read (I know, there's something wrong with me haha) i don't get stuck often but when i do i let it happen. forcing something is depleting and not productive. When I'm at work or out and about i generally never think about what I'm going to write, so if i sit down to the computer and nothing happens, especially if my energy is low, I let myself have a break watch a documentary or create a cover for my next book (seriously, i find this relaxing haha) I don't try to force a writing idea so i do something other than writing and I've done enough books to know that works for me."

Eve Langlais (website) (Amazon) most recently the author of The Wolf's Secret Vegas Wife: Howl's Romance said: " I start over from the beginning and tighten the story which in turn makes things clearer and I push past that nasty middle."

J.M. Maurer (website) (Amazon) most recently the author of As Right As Rain: "Cry. I cry and tell myself how much I suck at putting even two simple words together. True story. I have learned to be kind to myself.  A whole lot of weight lifted when I let myself believe it was okay that I could not pump out books." 

Tracy Ostwald Koswald (website) said: "I often read in the topic area or genre that I'm struggling to write. It reminds me of what good quality writing looks like, which is encouraging when I open up the laptop and get started again."

What do you do when you have the writing blues?




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