In celebration of Dorothy Parker's birthday, here are five of her quotes about writing.
Have the just back from a long weekend blues? Judy Blume will inspire you.

Around the Web: Interesting links about Women and Fiction (August 26 2017)

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Dorothy Parker

Early this week, we celebrated Dorothy Parker's birthday with five quotes about writing. Dorothy Parker was a fascinating person. She had a particular capacity to capture modern life in a quick, sharp comment. She was a founding member of the famous Algonquin Round Table. (People go to to the Algonquin today to try to absorb some of her brilliance.) She would have been 124 years old on Tuesday. 




Ever feel like you've been excoriated by your reviews? The guardian put together what they felt were the five most scathing book reviews. The include books by Will Self about Julie Burchill's Unchosen calling it: "“repugnant gallimaufry of insults and half-baked nonsense”, which insists her enemies are “all pals together” – an egregious error that Self suggests is “wrong, deeply unhelpful and an attitude that, in my view, could lead ultimately to the destruction of Israel”" Yikes. The list includes a review made by Dorothy Parker and a scorching review of Wuthering Heights.




In her interview, Maya Rodale discussed writing about historic England. Here's a list of six women authors deserving of your attention. You'll meet Frances Burney, Aphra Behn, Delarivier Manley, Eliza Haywood, Maria Edgeworth, Mary Wollstonecraft. You should note that some female fiction authors (Willa Cather) had nothing good to say about these authors. But we're better than that, right? 



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