Episode 04 -- Claudia speaks with Maya Rodale about the world of romance fiction
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Our latest podcast with Maya Rodale was released yesterday! She shares her important research into women readers and writers as well as talks about her experience writing romantic fiction.  If there's a feature that you think should be added to Women and Fiction, send us an email

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What we shared on social media this week:


Stop dissing romance fiction!
In preparation for the release of our conversation with Maya Rodale, we shared an article from the Washington Post -- Stop dissing romance novels! As Claudia talks about with Maya -- romance fiction is a billion dollar business and a full third of all fiction sold in the US. It caused the creation of the eBook. Let that sink in. Without romance fiction, we likely would not see the ongoing eBook revolution. This article covers a panel of fiction authors held in Washington.


Looking for a good book?


Are you looking to for something interesting to read? (Who isn't? right?) Here's a great list of overlooked female authors you should be reading. Have you read them? Let us know what you think!  (I recently read Octavia Butler for the first time -- wow!)





how to write more

How do they  do it? How do people become prolific authors? It is a simple as "Write a lot"? This article takes a look at a few  authors who create a real living writing novels.





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