Around the Web: Interesting links about Women and Fiction (July 14 2017)
Around the Web: Interesting links about Women and Fiction (July 20 2017)

Episode 03 -- Amanda Cochran Helstrom-White talks poetry, written events, and issues in publishing #Metoo

AmandaAmanda is a champion of writers and the written word. She joins Women and Fiction to discuss a wide range of issues that affect women writers including her spoken word events, making money from writing, as well as her poetry.  

 Amanda Helstrom-White is Coloradoan who has made Portland her home for over 10 years. She started writing poetry via osmosis when she found herself in a relationship with the godfather of the poetry mafia. She is on a mission to bring new voices to the world via her New Poet Challenge reading series, that invites new writers to share their work in front of a live audience. She has read her poetry live at New Poet Challenge, Free Range Poetry, Unchaste Readers, Get Nervous, Grief Rites, KBOO’s Talking Earth, Talking To at Tony's Tavern, and Word Warriors which she co-hosts with her husband Curtis White-Carroll. She has been published in Gobshite Quarterly, Acta Aperta, and recently published her first chapbook Tattoos and Haiku, a collection of 100 Haiku. She is currently working on her next project, Neurotica: A collection of 300 Tanka. She lives in Downtown Portland, Oregon, with her husband and her two teacup panthers, Walter and Jesse. You can find more of her work at You can support her and her work at Patreon


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