Episode 03 -- Amanda Cochran Helstrom-White talks poetry, written events, and issues in publishing #Metoo
Around the Web: Interesting links about Women and Fiction (July 29 2017)

Around the Web: Interesting links about Women and Fiction (July 20 2017)

We start the week with a look at punctuation and end the week with the oldest doodle. Sounds like Women and Fiction! Right?

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J.K. Rowling. Photo Credit: Andrew Montgomery; Telegraph UK
JK. Rowling encourages women: "Don't fight alone"
. She may be one of the most successful authors in the world, but the notoriously private JK Rowling also manages to find time to share her innermost thoughts. She's a great person to follow on Twitter as she's inspirational and genuine. Here are thirteen times she's encouraged us all. 


Jr.,'sThe US President's son has been in the news a lot lately and the copy edit banchees have been arguing. In this article, the New Yorker took the time to settle the dispute. Please note that the only politics we care about here at Women and Fiction is the politics of correct grammar. 


The world's oldest doodleWhat's the earliest known doodle in a book? I'm glad you asked. Historians have finally agreed that this odd in drawing of a pipe smoking person holding a flower is the oldest doodle. Does this change your mind about writing in books? 


Leave a review - give them 5 stars!
Want to support the authors in your life?
 Steph Post at Lit Reactor finds 13 free ways you can help your favorite authors continue to write. Of course, the very best way to support authors is by taking five minutes and leaving a review. Even one line can make the difference of an author's work showing in a search engine. 


That's Women and Fiction this week. See you next week! 




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